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Taking care of our planet your health our cities your happiness

We believe that the cities of the future are those that we build with the symbiosis between people and nature in mind – accessible, sustainable, and charmingly organized.

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Our city bike-sharing model is built with the UN sustainable development goals in mind.

Healthy lifestyle and well-being

Take care of your health while getting from point A to point B — just hop on one of our Cyrcl bikes. In this way, you will strengthen your heart and blood vessels, and you will increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs.

Healthy Lifestyle
Innovation and Infrastructure

Innovation and infrastructure

Although cycling has been around for a long time, bicycle-sharing services such as Cyrcl are still a new phenomenon across our region. Anyway, this kind of service might turn out to be essential given that it stimulates urban infrastructure development. Think about it — we all want the type of infrastructure that allows us to cross the city quickly.

Sustainable cities and communities

By using our service, you participate in the building process of a better urban environment. Together, we make sure that every city enjoys cleaner air and less traffic.

Sustainable Cities
Climate Action

Climate action

Cycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to get around the city. By choosing Cyrcl, you are involved in reducing your city’s carbon footprint.

Dive into Sustainability

Check the rest of the United Nations goals for sustainable development here

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