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Short guide on how to park

Park in the orange zone

Only within the zone

Park only in the zone outlined in the app. You can also check it here.

Don't park in green or pedestrian areas

No green or pedestrian areas

Parking in green and pedestrian areas with no bike lanes is subject to regulations from the municipality.

Don't block entrances

No blocking

Never block any roads, sidewalks, or access points.

Use the kickstand

Use the kickstand

Only park the bicycle in an upright position using the kickstand.

> Where can I park my bike and end my session?

You can park and end your rental session anywhere within the orange area indicated on the map in the app. You can check it here.

> Where can I see the exact locations of the Cyrcl bikes?

You can check them in our mobile app. Download it from Google Play or App Store and enjoy your ride!

> Can I ride outside of the orange area?

Absolutely! You are allowed to ride anywhere in Sofia. The orange area indicates our parking zone and this is where you are allowed to end your session.

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