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Cyrcl is your cheerful partner for any city trip. A smart, sustainable, and healthy way to commute in the city. Learn how to get one of hundreds of Cyrcl bikes in a few simple steps.

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1. Find and book

Open the map in the app, find a nearby bike, then book it.

No rush! You have some time available to get to your new favorite ride.

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Be safe,
ride smart

Before you start riding, make sure you are aware of the road traffic rules. Be especially careful with the electric bikes as they accelerate fast. Ride your bike only on the right hand side of the road or in bike lanes, where possible.

We recommend wearing a helmet. In case of low-visibility conditions, please use the bike lights and wear reflective clothing.

Never ride with another person on the same bike or if you are under the influence. It's dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

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