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Joint forces
Sponsored by DSK Bank Sponsored by Mastercard

We have joined forces with the leaders in sustainability and social responsibility in Bulgaria - Mastercard and DSK Bank, to provide an opportunity for everyone to move more quickly and freely around our beloved Sofia.

By supporting the alternative transport in the capital, Mastercard and DSK Bank contribute to a cleaner and tidier Sofia. Thanks to this partnership, Cyrcl users enjoy twice as many bikes and an expanded area.

Sponsored by DSK Bank Sponsored by Mastercard

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Show everyone you care about sustainable and healthy lifestyle. After all, building a strong brand image is a continuous process, not a one-time accomplishment.

Top LocationsTop locations

Let your brand be seen daily on the hottest locations across the city. Check our bike locations by downloading the app here.

Preferential RatesPreferential rates

Make your clients and employees proud of you. Gift them the chance to enjoy a convenient transport, a healthy activity, and a quality time with their loved once.

Target AudienceTarget audience

If you would like to reach a group of young and tech-savvy individuals, think no more. We are also proud to appeal equally to both men and women.

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Sponsored by DSK Bank Sponsored by Mastercard
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